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    Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. VOD

Multi-store video service

Create digital video stores

Warner Bros. VOD allows you to offer a selection of movies, accessible on demand, to your customers during a marketing operation or for a commercial offer.

Why is it awesome?

Warner Bros. VOD is the perfect tool to quickly and easily create an awesome marketing operation for your company. Just choose a bunch of movies from the biggest catalog in the world, customize the interface with your own brand and colors. You’re ready to go!

At any time, you can access your dashboard to see all the statistics about your new subscribers, change your movie selections or even export the user mailing list.

In order to stay efficient during the entire duration of the project we’ll work with you and guide you every step of the way. You have bigger plans? The platform can be upgraded according to your needs. For example we can add a billing system, specific reporting…

Warner Bros. The biggest movie distributor in the world

How does it work

We designed a really simple interface you can access on every device by using your browser. Enter your code, choose the movies you want, register yourself to find theses movies later and watch them on your computer or on the apps. It's that simple!

Our process

We took care of a smooth experience for any users by thinking and designing a simple and user-friendly interface. By starting to browse and select movies before having to register we critically increased the user engagement.

Unlocked movies available everywhere

The platform is available on all devices from your phone to your computer including native apps for smartphones, tablets and computers. You even can watch the movies on TV with Google Cast. We took care to create a simple and consistent experience to any devices.



Follow the number of redemptions & sales in real time



Add or remove any movies ar anytime even during a running campaign



Export quickly all data about your customers to reach them later

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