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4 million ratings and reviews

We collected millions of reviews on movies and TV shows allowing us to compute great recommendations thanks to our data scientist and fancy user-based and item-based algorithms.

Best rated movies on CINEMUR are dynamically updated via our API

Our own video players

Cross-device is a basic requirement when you develop user-centric apps and services. Video technologies are quite hard to handle on every device. So we created customisable video players for a large range of operating system, from Windows 8.1 to iOS and Google Cast, with or without DRM.

Our web player can be embedded on any web page or blog. Our mobile players (iOS and Android) work seamlessly with Airplay or Google Cast.

Who is using our API?

Different companies in the industry can use our data and API. We work with startups, studios, producers and brands.


Movie app with more than 370k members

CINEMUR is bringing back the community aspect to your movie experience. The app lets you share your feelings and feedbacks with all your friends and followers but also gives you details, trailers, showtimes, watchlists and so much more.

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Warner Bros.

VOD Platform

Warner Bros. VOD is the perfect tool to quickly and easily create a video based marketing operation. Just upload and select movies then customize the interface with your own brand and colors.

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BNP Paribas

Séance Ciné app for Android and iOS

Séance Ciné is the first application that allows you to easily invite your friends for a movie-going night or to organize a TV hangout. You can quickly find the essential information about the movie (trailer, plot, cast…) and create your event in a few clicks.

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